When signing in, confirm that you are using the correct user information. Clear your internet cache prior to retry. If using the correct information, a one-time passcode should be sent to the email. The OTP may take a few minutes to be sent to email. *Also, please note there’s a time limit once receiving an OTP code. Once email is received, users have 10 minutes to verify this code to login. Once that time is up, the user will need to receive a new code, as the previous one will be invalid. When first signing in to PowerApps, you may be prompted to set up and verify security questions to confirm your identity.
Activation, password resent, and OTP code emails are sent in accordance with email used for certification. If you wish to change the email associate with your account, a request must be submitted in order to do so via the Broker Medicare Resource Center.
Select “Forgot My Password” and enter the email address associated with your certification into the username field. If no email arrives in your mailbox, check spam, or use same page to resend the email.
Upon completion of your certification, there is a 2-4 day timeframe for providing access. If access is still unavailable after this time, please “Report an Issue.” *Please do not attempt to log in, as it may result in further delays to your access.
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are preferred browsers for PowerApps.
When searching for contact, first name and last name fields will help with finding the appropriate contact. Inputting all search fields may not provide the correct contact if the exact same information is not present in the system. If no contact record is available, the option to create contact will appear.
Please note that in the current capabilities of the book of business in the Power Apps Portal, paper applications are excluded from the Book of Business and will not show. Only electronic enrollments submitted on or after XX/XX/XXXX will display.
Users can navigate to Sunfire after selecting a contact. From the homepage, select contacts in the top right corner and using the “Look-Up Contacts” feature, view the PowerApps profile for the prospect you wish to enroll. In the contact details, select the yellow button titled "Enroll this Contact” to launch the shopping and enrollment tool.
Scheduling and Documenting Outbound Calls can be done through the contact details with the “Schedule/Document OB Calls” button (Refer to “How-To: Scheduling/ Documenting OB Calls” for a step-by-step tutorial).
Report an issue or contact the Broker Medicare Resource Center Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. by calling 1-888-234-3313.
Users can Report an Issue with the following steps:
1. Select the “Help Center” dropdown on navigation bar
2. Select “Report Issue”
3. Fill in all required fields and press select “Submit”
*Please use email associated with account when submitting report.